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TopTech Engineering, our professional services for your projects and works.


To provide you with the best possible service, our teams can develop your project step by step and will suggest innovative, personalised solutions that are sustainable and energy-efficient.

TopTech Engineering has an expert team with several fields of expertise. Our main strength is being able to manage projects from start to finish and knowing how to respond during the various stages of the process.

Our highly experienced teams can take on the design and management aspects of your projects, but they can also monitor all work done on-site and during the handover of the completed work.


1. Research

Technical feasibility research

Contact the engineers at TopTech Engineering to research the feasibility of your project within the fields of HVAC, electrics, and plumbing. Each project begins with a strict and careful assessment of the technical feasibility, which is based on a methodical analysis of the different aspects involved.

2. Achieving design specifications

After researching your project, our team will draw up expert design specifications regarding the work needed to set up the specialised systems. If need be, we will also make sure monitoring is carried out during the installation process.

3. Completing work plans

We can design system plans for your next construction or renovation project.

The BIM (Building Information Maintenance) includes modelling different building installations by way of system plans. These plans act as an instructional guide for technical installers and ensure optimal coordination of all tradesmen. They can later be used by maintenance teams when any maintenance needs to be carried out.

These plans combine specific information along with reference material into one single model. This approach is used with all our specially designed building systems (including HVAC, electrical and plumbing).

4. Coordinating teams and tradesmen

As well as being a multi-skilled research centre, we also provide project management services, both on- and off-site.


Have you carried out an assessment or an audit, but don’t have the time or the system skills to supervise the site where the work is taking place? By supporting your project from start to finish, our team can deal with:

  • site management

  • site coordination

  • planning the work

  • project monitoring

We always respect the requirements of a project once the work is complete, as well as deadlines and planning.

5. Achieving external design specifications

Available upon request: We can also supervise and monitor work according to your own design specifications.


If you would like to learn more about the professional services mentioned above, please call our team now!

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