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refroidissement industriel

TopTech Engineering, is your partner for specially designed construction systems throughout Belgium and abroad.


We provide solutions to our clients’ needs throughout the different development phases of a project, whether this be a new build, a renovation or an existing building.

Whether for industrial use or for use in the service industry, a building of a certain size will require specialised technical skills to reach completion.

Since 1990, the research centre at TopTech Engineering SRL has specialised in advising and managing projects for all building technology applications.

Book an appointment with our team to discuss your project!

Smart buildings are more popular than ever and the demand for technical innovations is increasing.

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At the TopTech Engineering research centre, our expertise focuses on sectors where specially designed systems are required, including:

  • industrial sector

  • service sector (chemists, offices, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, public swimming pools, churches, sports centres, workshops, museums, etc.)

Choose from our à la carte services or contact us to learn about the larger scope of our activities!


  • By choosing TopTech Engineering, you can benefit from our extensive experience and our network of highly qualified contractors.

  • We provide our clients with the opportunity of working with more than one contact person during our partnership. We are intent on establishing solid relationships via direct, one-on-one contact with our clients.

  • We are multi-skilled and flexible. Our highly experienced teams are skilled at designing and managing projects as well as following and monitoring all completed work. You can save time and money with accurate quotes that consider both the choice of material and the required qualities.

  • We are constantly refining our knowledge so that we are up to date with current legislation and the latest industry standards.

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You can expect professional service from the HVAC, electricity, and plumbing experts at the TopTech Engineering research centre!


Find out more about the services we offer at our TopTech Engineering research centre. We specialise in project design and management, planning and monitoring work!


Discover past projects and achievements completed by the team at the TopTech Engineering research centre!


Our research centre designs, calculates, plans, and monitors site progress for specific technical premises.

We use state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality, energy-efficient facility designs.

Our experienced research centre will meet any challenge we may face on-site or concerning the architecture of the building!

Find out more about specific projects we have helped develop!


For enquiries, or to book an appointment with our team, please call or email TopTech Engineering!

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